Proofreading, Revising, & Editing Skills Success

This Proofreading, Revising, & Editing Skills Success worksheet also includes:

Some self-paced writing resources are just better than others. This one is great. The 205-page packet includes exercises on every aspect of the writing process, from crafting sentences and paragraphs, to proofreading, revising, and editing work. A must-have for writers and teachers of writing.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The workbook may be used as a homeschool resource or in the traditional classroom
Classroom Considerations
  • Each of the 20 lessons in the 205-page packet is designed so that it can be completed in 20 minutes
  • The workbook contains a table of contents and a pre-test that permits users to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • The pre-test answer key references a corresponding lesson
  • Each lesson includes explanations, models, practice exercises, and an answer key
  • Also included is a list of proofreading symbols and an appendix of additional resources
  • None