Lesson Plan

Protecting Homes from Wildfires

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This Protecting Homes from Wildfires lesson plan also includes:

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers help to protect our homes from the inside. Learn about ways you can keep your home safe from the outside with a lesson about protecting houses from wildfires. It includes background information and worksheets for your class to complete as they learn more about the different types of wildfire hazards.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have your class survey their school or homes to find any potential fire hazards that are detailed in the resource
  • Use in a school-wide focus on home safety and fire prevention
  • Invite a firefighter to come in during the lesson to explain more about fire safety and prevention
Classroom Considerations
  • Worksheet is in color, and would be most effective when printed in color
  • Designed for homes in Oregon, but applicable to classrooms in any state
  • Prompts young rangers to apply knowledge from the classroom to the environment around them
  • A great addition to a discussion about home safety
  • None