Publishing Historical Fiction Narratives

Class members discover what it means to publish their works. Working on a computer, young writers use an online dictionary to edit their spellings and conventions based on the information added to the rubric. From here, and for the majority of the time, they type up and print their final historical fiction narratives on the computer. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Help pupils organize individual work folders containing research from the first and second units, as well as all drafts and revision notes
  • Designate appropriate websites for class members to use during this portion
  • Provide ample time for learners to type their narratives, especially if they do not have a computer at home, or eliminate the typing portion for those who are not able to do so
Classroom Considerations

  • Reserve time in the computer lab for your class to edit and publish their narratives
  • Resource prompts teacher to transfer publishing steps onto large chart paper for student reference
  • The 15th in a series of 16 lessons that guides fourth graders through the writing process of a historical fiction narrative set in Colonial America

  • Includes detailed plan procedures, steps for publishing narratives, homework ideas, and necessary materials
  • A Common Core designed lesson
  • Guides scholars through a process of becoming skillful writers 

  • None
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