Punctuating Dialogue

What did she say? Invite your class to make sense of these grammatically incorrect sentences by adding in punctuation and capitalization. All of the sentences include dialogue, so learners will have to practice their knowledge about how to properly punctuate what someone says to fully complete this worksheet.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this quick exercise as a starter, homework assignment, or assessment
  • Have kids read their revisions out loud to see how the punctuation adds meaning to the sentences
  • Do the first few together to demonstrate some of the rules of punctuating dialogue
Classroom Considerations

  • There are only two sentences on the final page; you may wish to only assign the sentences on the first page if you don't want to copy two sentences onto the back of the page
  • Learners will need to already know how to punctuate dialogue

  • Includes a variety of different sentences to decipher and correct

  • Does not include an answer key