Quadratic Functions

This Quadratic Functions unit also includes:

Inquiry-based learning and investigations form the basis of a deep understanding of quadratic functions in a very thorough unit plan.  Learners develop recursive and closed methods for representing real-life situations, then apply these skills to more abstract algebraic concepts. Concepts of maxima, minima, domain, range, and rate of change are discovered and explicated. Quadratic growth models are also compared and contrasted to linear and exponential growth.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Many lessons in the physical science and physics classroom also use these concepts, making cross-curricular integration possible
  • A capstone project of real data researched and analyzed by learners would be one way to extend and solidify the building blocks taught here
Classroom Considerations

  • Each lesson builds on the concepts before it, making individual remediation a must for learners that miss days / lessons

  • Exceptionally thorough and detailed activities, teacher notes, and worksheets
  • Students are led to consider underlying concepts, not just memorize patterns

  • No teacher keys for student worksheets
  • No final summative assessment provided