Ratios and Unit Rates

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This turn-key unit on ratios and unit rates walks through a 30-lesson unit on teaching proportional reasoning, with each lesson broken into detailed teaching notes and time allotments for all parts. An unbelievable resource when taken lesson by lesson, but as a whole with the accompanying assessments, rubrics, and answer keys the attention to detail here is truly mind-boggling. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Great unit to provide for long-term substitute situations or home-bound learners
  • Differentiate by having learners progress through material at their own speeds, teaching small groups directly as concepts become more difficult
  • Add a capstone project where the class performs research investigating rates and ratios in real life. Ideas might include gender ratios and pay gaps, budgeting and cost comparisons, cooking and recipe conversions, etc.
Classroom Considerations
  • No specific accommodations are given for diverse learners, but teaching notes in each lesson suggest redirection and remediation for tricky spots
  • Each lesson builds on the previous, so absences might require out-of-class catching up remediation
  • ESL learners might benefit from a copy of the vocabulary and definitions from the teacher introduction section
  • Weaknesses in manipulating equivalent fractions will become apparent early in the unit
  • Each lesson here provides filled-in answer keys for homework problems, but the accompanying blank class worksheets are in the included resources
  • Extensive teaching notes and examples provided for every individual lesson, along with a mid-point and final assessment and answer keys
  • Step-by-step progression through the topic of rates and ratios, all the way through to percents
  • A variety of fields and situations are covered in the examples and problems, appealing to a wide variety of interests
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