Reader Response Journals

Writing about and in response to what you read can help you process the text and lead to stronger analysis. Included here are four larger topics that students can write about, sentence starters to help pupils get started with their writing, and a list of 20 additional writing prompts to choose from.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Pair these with independent reading to keep learners accountable
  • Try to get students to respond to every prompt before you read the year, semester, or another benchmark
  • Along with this assignment, require learners to purchase a journal specifically for their reading responses so that they can easily look back on their work
Classroom Considerations

  • While all of the information included here is useful, it's in fairly small font and looks rather dense; you may wish to take your class through this one section at a time, having them mark a few favorite prompts and sentence starters as you go along

  • Provides explanation for the assignment and supports such as sentence frames
  • Comes with 24 total prompts that could be used with any literary text

  • None