Reading Aloud

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Warning: reading your paper aloud may cause bystanders to think you're talking to yourself. However, as the 14th installment of 24 in the Writing the Paper series from UNC explains, it is one of the best strategies for revision. Through the handout, writers discover the importance of reading aloud, as well as strategies to make the process more effective.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Model reading aloud to the class and use funny voices to make the process more fun
  • Conduct a speed dating exercise where learners spend one to two minutes reading aloud sections of the paper and getting feedback
Classroom Considerations
  • The handout mentions using text-to-speech software, such as the built-in feature in Microsoft Word
  • Includes a bulleted list to follow while reading aloud
  • Shares the why behind the concept to help it appear more relevant
  • The beginning of the handout is text heavy, and readers may lose interest
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