Reading Closely For Textual Details: "And, above all, we had to learn English."

Only a thorough understanding of history can save us from repeating it. Practice close reading skills with an eighth grade unit that focuses on 19th century America, including European immigration into Ellis Island and Frederick Douglass's personal account of slavery. Small groups work on selecting important details, questioning the text, analyzing what they read, explaining their understanding, and discussing ideas in a structured group setting.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Connect to social studies during relevant parts of the curriculum for an interdisciplinary project
  • Implement in a literacy center or reading intervention class
  • Use the optional assessment ideas to check for understanding
Classroom Considerations
  • Refer to page 9 of the resource for a unit outline, that lists learning objectives for each of the five sections
  • A list of texts is available on page 10, complete with authors, dates, and Lexile numbers
  • Aligns with Common Core standards for reading informational text, writing, and speaking and listening, with support for reading literature
  • Promotes close reading across disciplines
  • Includes all necessary texts, images, and graphic organizers, as well as model versions of each worksheet
  • None