Reclaiming Rivers

Robert Hass's article "Rivers and Stories" underscores the importance of rivers in the development of civilization and the importance of reclaiming supposedly dead rivers and implementing policies that protect river health. Groups research the Danube, Huangpu and Nile rivers, their cultural contributions, and signs that indicate that the river may be in danger.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research the health of local rivers and the effects of dams on rivers
  • As part of their homework, ask readers to locate the Danube, the Huangpu, and the Nile rivers and to take note of the populations centers situated nearby
Classroom Considerations
  • Links to the reading passage and a teacher's guide are provided in the Included Materials section of this review
  • The reference to Bruce Babbit as Interior Secretary (1993-2001), dates the article; have class members research current attempts to decommission dams
  • The six-page packet includes a brief plan, discussion questions, and writing prompts
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