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Recovery From Drug Addiction

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Are there factors that put some individuals at a higher risk for drug addiction than others? Learn more about the risk factors that may make some people more susceptible to addiction, as well as protective factors that help prevent addiction, with an informative and well-considered lesson about drug abuse.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a topical discussion about the opioid epidemic in American that transcends demographics; have learners conduct research to understand why many of the risk factors detailed in this resource may or may not pertain to prescription pain medication
  • Use aspects of the lesson in math, science, language arts, health, and social studies for an interdisciplinary unit
Classroom Considerations
  • Be aware that students or their families may be going through drug addiction or recovery from drug addiction; be sure that class members can have a mature and sensitive discussion about drug use
  • Several elements of the lesson, including videos and digital texts, require access to the Internet
  • Links to supplemental reading, videos, and instructional tools
  • Connected to both Common Core and Next Generation Science standards
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