Refraction of Light

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Don't shine like a diamond, refract light like a diamond. Young scientists use an acrylic block and a laser light to observe refraction. Advanced scholars figure the sine of the angles of reflection and incidence as well as mastering Snell's Law. A reading passage and homework questions round out the lesson.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • After the lesson, circle back to give learners the answer to the introductory question
  • Moissanite, a synthetic diamond, passes all but one test to differentiate it from natural diamonds; ask pupils to identify that test and figure out if the property is important
Classroom Considerations
  • Review laser safety before the activity
  • Though the resource includes lessons six and seven, this review is only for Refraction of Light; pupils review lesson seven separately
  • Lesson six in a series of eight
  • Includes vocabulary throughout the lesson
  • Provides extension opportunities
  • Resource does not provide an answer key
  • Document permissions do not allow for printing