Representing Half of a Circle

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Geometric shapes make great visual models for introducing young mathematicians to the concept of fractions. Looking at a series of four circles, students are asked to determine whether or not one half of each circle is shaded. To support the success of young learners, encourage them to cut the shapes into pieces in order for them to better visualize the relative size of the shaded areas. Due to the complexity of the some of the shaded figures, perform the activity as a whole group or allow children to work collaboratively in pairs before discussing the solutions as a class.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Lesson provides clear goals and expectations
  • Learners are asked to explain the reasoning behind their answers
  • Answer key includes explanations of the possible strategies students will use to complete the activity

  • Assumes children have been introduced to the concept of fractions, specifically the fraction 1/2
Common Core