Reproductive System

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The human reproductive system contains the largest (egg) and smallest (sperm) cells in the human body. It's time for scholars to review the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction. The instructor reminds them how meiosis allows for variation and then moves into the structures of the male and female reproductive parts. The video finishes by reviewing the menstrual cycle and its importance in reproduction. Video eight in a series of 21. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Pair learners and see if they can use the correct vocabulary and order of steps, moving from a female releasing an egg to its fertilization
Classroom Considerations
  • Video focuses more time on menstruation and its process than the parts and each one's role
  • The eighth video in a series of 21
  • Video's high-quality images and diagrams hold viewers' attention
  • Fascinating cross-section image of a human ovary and the corpus luteum
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