Reproductive System – Male Reproductive System (Part 2)

The narrator of this short video about the male reproductive system begins by comparing egg and sperm. He then discusses how sperm is produced, how and which hormones play a role in sperm production, how sperm mature, and how they leave the body.  

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Preview the video and determine places to pause and ask questions, facilitate discussion, and/or allow pupils to take notes to better process an abundance of information
Classroom Considerations

  • Due to the speed at which the narrator speaks, turn on closed captioning so all classes can follow along
  • Video ends at 9:36, so it is less than 10 minutes; the rest is a summary of concepts and credits
  • 41 in a series of 47 videos about the human body.

  • Due to the concept and the wittiness of the narrator, this video is very interesting to high schoolers
  • Turning on auto-translate in closed captioning allows you to view the video in many different languages

  • None
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