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Reproductive System

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It's every health and science teacher's favorite subject to cover: the reproductive system. This comprehensive lesson introduces adolescents to the reproductive anatomy of men and women with the help of a series of diagrams, discussions, activities, worksheets, and assignments.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Include this lesson in a middle or high school health unit on sexual reproduction
  • When completing the reproductive system puzzle, allow students to work with a partner or in small groups
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior to teaching a unit on sexual reproduction, send a letter home notifying parents, as some families will choose not to have their children participate
  • At the beginning of a unit on sexual reproduction be sure to establish ground rules and expectations for participating in mature class discussions
  • Depending on the demographics of your class, you may wish to teach this lesson to same gender groups of students, helping them to feel more comfortable with discussing male and female anatomy
  • Keep in mind the maturity level of your class when deciding which diagrams and illustrations to use
  • Resource offers a homework assignment that facilitates family discussions about reproduction
  • Offers extension ideas that create cross-curricular connections with art, math, and family and consumer science
  • Teachers are provided with background information about the function of different male and female reproductive organs
  • None