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This extensive and far-reaching collection of worksheets puts a new twist on many basic concepts. Learners use multiplication to trace a path from one point to another, tile a plane by converting between improper and proper fractions, and combine finding the area of triangles with reflections to determine the area of parallelograms. Sprinkle in some robustly represented basics in geometry (specifically rotations and symmetries) and early math theory (converting between fractions and decimals, equivalent expressions) and this is a packet worth reaching for throughout the year.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Engaging independent practice activities with clear succinct directives
  • Great for early finishers or sub plans
  • Remediation of basic skills (fraction and decimal conversions, place value, multiplication and division) with the many separable units
Classroom Considerations

  • Worksheets are unrelated and follow no progression of concept or subject
  • No teacher's key provided

  • Directions are clear and easy for students to follow independently
  • Meshing of games and math is seamless without loss of math content or information
  • Problems and graphs are provided with room for student work and explication

  • Many activities correlate to an unprovided textbook, lacking in directions or examples to go with the worksheet (F1-8 through F1-11, F1-18 through F1-20, F1-22, F1-24 through F1-27, F1-30, F1-34, F1-37 through F1-42)