Return to Fred's Fun Factory (with 50 Cents)

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The penny arcade gets the statistics treatment in this fun probability investigation. A non-standard game of chance is described and then the class is set loose to find missing probabilities, determine common outcomes, and evaluate frequency. A great activity for multi-level classes, as each problem is solvable by both brute force and more elegant methods. With some reformatting, it would also make for an excellent open-response practice.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class develop a game that fits the model described and run a simulation
  • Compare the probabilities detailed here to actual games of chance, like a roulette wheel
  • Investigate and determine what minimum monetary value a ticket needs to have for this to be a player-favoring game
Classroom Considerations

  • Probability chart is too small for filling in directly, perhaps enlarge while copying or give instructions to record answers on a separate sheet
  • Consider that some districts may have policies regarding studying games of chance

  • Each problem has multiple solution paths
  • Excellent practice distinguishing point and cumulative probabilities
  • Problems build logically without relying on previous answers for completion

  • A diagram and more complete game description is available in the original exercise "Fred's Fun Factory", but no link to this exercise is provided
  • Student worksheet, teaching directions, and answer key are not clearly separated
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