Reverse Charades

For a fun bonding time for the class or an introduction to pantomime, this game hits the mark. An individual from a team guesses at the clue that the rest of the team is acting out–without ever talking about how they will do it, making for a silly and fast-paced team-building opportunity.

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App Overview

Starting a Game:

  1. Tap New Game to get started
  2. Select the card pack you'd like to use; note that only the default Original Pack offers free cards. Buy other packs by selecting Buy Full and entering your Apple ID. 
  3. Choose Next in the bottom right of the screen to set up the rules of the game, including the number of teams, rounds, seconds per turn, and passes per turn
  4. Tap Next again to customize team names
  5. Now tap Play and the game will begin

Game Interface:

The game home screen is fairly straightforward:

  • Team score boxes (up to four) display in the corners of the screen
  • Word cards and notes about whose turn it is are displayed in the middle center
  • Control buttons are at the bottom center
  • A pause button at the top center allows for the current game to be saved and returned to at a later time

Playing the Game:

The game begins when the first team presses Start Turn:

  • Word cards appear in the center of the screen
  • Below the word cards, a timer counts down the amount of time left, beeping when half the time is gone, and again during the last five seconds
  • Someone from the opposing team holds the tablet and presses Next each time a word is guessed correctly
  • Back arrow icon at the top left allows the user to return to the previous word card (which will come in handy if they accidentally press Next too many times)
  • If passes are available, Pass will appear at the left of the timer; otherwise, Foul appears
  • Passing a word means that the current words go to the back of the pile with no penalty, while a foul means that the team has done something against the rules and loses a point
  • When time is up, a buzzer sounds, and the game returns to the homescreen, where the next team up and the round number are displayed in the middle 
  • At the end of the game, the screen displays the winning team
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Instructional Ideas

  • Rev up morning meetings or other community-building times by playing a few rounds of Reverse Charades
  • Switch up the rules and have different-size groups act out the cards
  • Give a bonus point when the individual correctly identifies the part of speech of the word they guessed
  • Set the timer for 90 seconds and allow newer players 15 seconds to discuss how they will work together to show the word
Classroom Considerations

  • Since there are only 50 free cards, you may want to consider playing only a couple rounds of this at a time to keep the words fresh and spread out the amount of time the app is useful for
  • The game uses sounds as time cues, so plan for a space where a little bit of noise won't bother anyone
  • Preview the cards and create visuals for younger readers in case they don't know what words mean

  • Simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use
  • Pause feature makes it easy to start and stop a game
  • Ability to control number of rounds and the seconds per round as well as number of teams

  • No ability to add new words to the game
  • It does not have graphics or pictures to show what the words mean, so some words may not be understood by all participating
  • The app only saves the most recent game being played; starting a new game erases the current paused game
  • The game interface allows for passes (go to a new word) and faults (lose a point for breaking a new rule). However, because the button for these two different functions is located in the same place, if any passes are available, the button for fault is not available.