Reward Coupons

Keep your kids satisfied with reward coupons for classroom-appropriate items and events. Included here are 27 different coupons for rewards ranging from pencil erasers to 15 minutes of dancing at the end of one school day.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Set up a reward system at the beginning of the year using these coupons; you can decide when students earn certain levels and certain items
Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the rewards are specific to the teacher who created them; however, since there are so many different coupons, you can easily pick and choose the rewards that work for your class
  • While many of these are aimed toward younger pupils, some could be used in a junior high or even a high school classroom

  • Each page includes eight copies of a specific coupon
  • All of the coupons provide some instructions and high-quality images
  • The rewards are all reasonable for classroom use and many may help build positive behaviors (like earning the chance to read to the class or a positive phone call home)

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