Unit Plan

Rhythms in Poetry

Rhyme, rhythm, free verse, imagery: Do these words describe poetry, or jazz music? The answer is both! A resource explores these similarities as scholars watch a video, engage in discussion, read author biographies, write poetry and journal entries, conduct research, and view art.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Guide learners in writing a Robert Frost-style poem that features characters engaged in manual labor
  • Ask pupils to write a poem about a single image, in the style of William Carlos Williams's "The Red Wheelbarrow"
Classroom Considerations
  • Print the author biographies and timeline for students in advance
  • The 10th installment of the 16-part American Passages series 
  • For helpful planning, the unit includes overview questions, learning objectives, and a unit overview 
  • Each author biography concludes with higher-order thinking questions
  • Provides a wide variety of additional resources
  • None