Lesson Plan

Riding on a Pendulum

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This Riding on a Pendulum lesson plan also includes:

A comprehensive resource gets fourth grade physical scientists making observations about the period of a pendulum and then applying knowledge to a playground swing. Through seven different stations, they will record observations and measurements about how the pendulum works. You will find everything you need except the stopwatches, meter sticks, graph paper, and the pendulums themselves. Otherwise, find printable handouts, detailed teacher notes, procedures, and a slide show presentation for conducting this with your class. 

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
  • Well-written background information, related website links, detailed lesson instructions, a slide show, and lab sheets
  • Correlates with both Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core initiative
  • Adheres to standard scientific inquiry and provides space for learners to record data for three trials
  • Colorful graphics add visual appeal to already high-quality lab sheets
  • None