Robot Body Language

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How can you tell what someone is feeling when they aren't saying a word? Explore non-verbal communication with an activity based on Cynthia Breazeal's work with expressive robots. One learner puts a bag over his or her face and uses body language to express an emotion, while others in the group try to guess what they are trying to demonstrate.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners write about their experiences as the robot, including which emotions were the most difficult to express non-verbally
  • Perform the activity as a whole class (with a teacher or selected learner as the robot), in small groups, or with families at home
  • Show selected clips of the videos that kids make to share the project with the class
  • Use the activity as an introduction to a research project about robot technology or women who are scientists
  • Send the worksheet home with learners to work on the activity with their families
Classroom Considerations

  • Designed as a family activity, but applicable to any class setting

  • Helpful for a STEM lesson as well as for learners with special needs who have a hard time with communication
  • A great activity for boys and girls who are interested in science and communication
  • Comes with a teacher reference guide

  • None