Unit Plan

Rocks and Minerals in Our Lives

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Young geologists discover the important role that rocks and minerals play in our everyday lives through this series of hands-on activities. Starting off with a lesson that defines the difference between plants, animals, and minerals, children go on to examine the properties of rock samples and the variety of ways they are used.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Integrate these activities into elementary earth science units on rocks and minerals
  • After researching different minerals in the fifth lesson, have students present their findings to the rest of the class
  • Schedule time to take your class around the school grounds, or go on a field trip to a local park to explore the types of rocks that are found in your area
Classroom Considerations
  • While these lessons are designed for use with materials that can be rented from The Brooklyn Children's Museum, they can also be adapted for use with other collections of rock and mineral samples
  • Resource supports teachers with background information about rocks and minerals
  • A list of key vocabulary and their definitions is included 
  • Offers numerous suggestions for activities that extend learning and create cross-curricular connections
  • None