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Rocks and Minerals

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Take young geologists on an exploration of the collection of rocks and minerals that we call Earth with an upper-elementary science lesson. Through a series of class discussion and hands-on investigations, students learn about the three different types of rocks and distinguishing properties of each.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Perform the rock and mineral investigation as a series of learning centers, each one focusing on a different property
  • Create a rocks and minerals packet out of the informational texts, diagrams, graphic organizers, and worksheets included with this resource
Classroom Considerations
  • Collections of rock samples and other scientific equipment are necessary for the investigations included in the lesson, so be sure to plan accordingly
  • Though designed for the fifth grade, this lesson can also be taught in middle school science classes
  • All supporting printable materials are included 
  • Venn diagrams help young scientists to classify rocks based on their observable properties
  • Teacher will need to develop their own procedures for carrying out the rock investigations described in this lesson