S’COOL Cloud Identification Chart

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

If you've ever wondered why clouds sometimes look so different, look no further than a classroom poster about cloud identification. It features pictures of clouds at high, mid, and low levels of altitude, as well as the name of each and at what altitude it typically forms.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Prompt learners to take their own pictures of each kind of cloud throughout the week, creating a poster similar to the resource
  • Assign a type of cloud to each small group in your class, and have them research details about it to present to their classmates
  • Bring into your unit on weather or the water cycle
  • Laminate to display in a science center
  • Use cotton balls to have kids create clouds at each altitude, modifying the balls to match the clouds as needed
Classroom Considerations
  • Very colorful; might be hard on your printer
  • A tangible way for kids to see the different kinds of clouds
  • Easy to understand
  • None