SAMR Model: Search

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Based on the SAMR model, use this rubric to find specific examples of how to consider your students' abilities to search and collect information using technology. The resource illustrates how learners evolve from using technology to simply substitute for other tasks in the classroom to using it for the creation of new tasks that were previously unavailable as options.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Plan your curriculum so that you are progressively adding assignments throughout the school year that will build the skills necessary for the upper levels of this rubric
  • Use as supplementary material for reviewing the SAMR model in a professional development setting, such as a PLC or faculty meeting
  • Create a separate document identifying how your activities/lessons should be categorized according to the different levels of 1-to-1 implementation
Classroom Considerations
  • Foundational knowledge of SAMR is important for gaining a comprehensive understanding of this document
  • Uses direct language from the SAMR model of technology integration
  • Includes specific examples for each of the levels of 1-to-1 implementation of how learners would use online tools to perform a search
  • None