SAT Vocab - MindSnacks

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Who knew learning and practicing vocabulary for the SAT could be this absorbing? With 500 words to learn after an upgrade, and nine different games for practice, users are sure to feel prepared on testing day!

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App Overview

SAT Vocab - MindSnacks is a collection of quick games that motivate you to practice a set of vocabulary lists. The games, which are charming and lively, test spelling, image recognition, recall, error recognition, vocabulary mastery, and more. As you play and level up, you unlock the remainder of the games (only two are unlocked initially). Since you have to reach level 36 to unlock the final game, be prepared for plenty of engaging game-play accompanied by motivating side quests!

How to Get Started:

  1. Log in if you have an existing account or sign up for an account
  2. Start out with a brief, mandatory tutorial
  3. Touch each word on your first list to hear it read aloud and view a sample sentence
  4. Start practicing the first lesson with a game of Swell

Access to Lessons:

  • SAT Vocab comes with one free lesson to try out
  • Upgrade for $4.99 to receive the remainder of the 25 available lessons
  • For $19.99, you can purchase all of the lessons for eight subjects that MindSnacks covers: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, and SAT Vocab

Browsing and Unlocking Lessons:

  • Drag the main page to the left or tap the open book in the top right corner to view word lists
  • The app automatically organizes your words into two lists: Current and Mastered
  • As you complete the first three lessons, you will gradually unlock all 25 (you will need to have upgraded for this to happen)
  • Unless you select a specific word list from the menu, the app will move straight through the lesson list; there is not any particular reason to jump ahead
  • SAT Vocab repeats words that you have trouble with and includes side quests that require you to practice your mastered words
  • Simply tap on the Mastered tab and press Play to practice your mastered words

Game Features:

  • Catchy music that sets the tone for each game
  • Lively animations and illustrations
  • Progress tracking for each word
  • Pause, restart, and randomize options
  • Scorecard for each game

On Your Profile, Track:

  • Number of active days
  • Number of hot streaks (sets of five correct answers in a row)
  • Tally of mastered words and lessons completed
  • Percentages that track your mastery of:
    • Image recognition
    • Antonyms
    • Spelling
    • Rapid recall
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Instructional Ideas

Suggest SAT Vocab to students and their parents for at-home use. Users will benefit from the engaging independent practice that the app provides.

If all your pupils have access to a tablet, either in stations or in a one-to-one setup, consider making weekly SAT vocabulary lists out of the 25 lessons available. They can then practice the chosen list on the app, either in class or at home, and you can quiz them later to check for understanding. Multiple users can sign up on a single device.

If a class member finishes early or needs extra help, allow them to use this app. It is a reward and vocabulary practice at the same time. Just make sure they have headphones!

Classroom Considerations

SAT Vocab - MindSnacks is designed for a single user, and is not customizable for classroom vocabulary as it was designed specifically for test preparation. It might take more of a supplementary role in your curriculum because of these factors.

Not all of the words are paired with cute illustrations; some are accompanied by photographs. Since the photographs are of varying quality, you might take a look before asking all of your pupils to practice with the app.

Bulk licensing is available for schools for half price. More information is available on the developer's website.


  • Engaging and entertaining
  • Upgraded version contains 500 words to master 
  • Reteaches and scaffolds material; asks users to go back to previous lists and review

  • Single-user interface eliminates some classroom uses
  • Some photographs that accompany the words are of questionable quality