Lesson Plan

Satisfaction Please! (Part 2)

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Simply understanding consumer rights may not help people solve their problems. Understanding who to turn to becomes key in many different scenarios. Teach the value of various organizations that fight for consumer rights through activities such as researching media programs and observing a phone call to an organization.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign pupils a research project where they interview family members' consumer problems; then, they write a paper detailing which organization to communicate with and how that organization solves their problem
  • Differentiate for English learners by allowing them to work with a partner
Classroom Considerations
  • Follows a three-part series as the second resource in the sequence
  • Places teenagers in real-life, relevant scenarios
  • Includes additional method for assessment through an interactive activity
  • Scholars observe an interaction with the discussed organizations
  • None