Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 4)

This Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 4) unit also includes:

This fourth of twelve units in a series continues the investigation of functions through equations and inequalities. However, the modular nature of the lessons in the section make this an excellent resource for any curriculum covering systems of linear equations, arithmetic of rational functions, graphing linear inequalities, or a number of other topics. Matrices and applications of calculator technology are used throughout the practice problems, really integrating these tools into the daily math practice of your students. A great resource to supplement or even replace existing chunks of algebra 2 curriculum.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Pick and choose examples and problems to supplement current curriculum, particularly when looking for systems of equations problems that work out to easy numerical solutions
  • Consider directing the class to create word problems to match systems of equations or inequality problems from this section
  • Create a matching or scavenger hunt game where the pairs are lines and/or equations with either parallel or perpendicular slopes
Classroom Considerations

  • While lessons are modular in content, many of the practice problems are integrated and rely on scaffolded material from prior lessons
  • Pupils that struggle with factoring might need remediation when working the quadratics and rational expressions parts of this section

  • Examples and aligned practice problems emphasize application and interpretation
  • Modular nature of lessons allows for seamless adoption of parts of the overall section
  • Calculators used within examples and problems as tools for greater understanding, not givers of final answers 

  • No answer key or teaching suggestions available
  • No discernible logic to lesson progression