Schedules and Routines: Grade 1

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It doesn't matter if you're a new teacher trying to set up your classroom for the first time or a veteran teacher looking for new ideas to freshen up your teaching, this resource has something to offer everyone. After providing a general profile of first graders and their needs as learners, this sample chapter taken from a Responsive Classroom book goes on to suggest potential class schedules and offer routines and procedures that help create a positive, supportive classroom environment.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make sure to explain to children the reason for the different routines and procedures you establish in your classroom (e.g. safety, respect for others, responsibility, etc.)
  • When introducing new a procedure be sure to clearly model the process before giving children an opportunity to practice
Classroom Considerations
  • Originally written with first grade classrooms in mind, this resource offers ideas that can be applied across the primary grade levels
  • Bullet-point format calls attention to main ideas, making for an easy read
  • Photographs are included throughout the chapter to visually demonstrate the ideas being presented
  • Document describes a variety of routines that can be used throughout the school day
  • None