Schedules and Routines: Grade 5

Before diving head first into the year's curriculum, take time to establish clear routines and procedures for your classroom. Starting with how to set up a class schedule that meets the needs of fifth grade learners, this sample chapter from a Responsive Classroom book goes on to offer dozens of ideas for creating a safe and productive classroom environment.

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Instructional Ideas

  • When introducing new procedures be sure to clearly model them for students before allowing time for practice
  • Have the class work in small groups creating posters and/or acting out skits that demonstrate different procedures and explain why it's important to follow them
Classroom Considerations

  • Despite being written with fifth grade classrooms in mind, the ideas provided in this resource can be applied across the upper-elementary grade levels

  • Photographs are included in the chapter to support the different ideas being suggested
  • Two sample schedules are offered as support to teachers for developing their own daily plans
  • Colored headings and bullet-point formatting help to call out important details in the text

  • None