Scrambled Dialog

How does a conversation flow? Have your learners practice with conversation and dialogue by asking them to rearrange sentence strips in order to make a coherent conversation between two people. After ordering the strips, pairs listen to the conversation read out loud to check their responses and practice conversing by talking about another city.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • In addition to the conversation held at the end of the plan, have learners create their own dialogues for other pupils to unscramble
  • Since the conversation is about Mexico City, use this resource when covering cities in general
Classroom Considerations

  • While the audio recording mentioned in the resource is not included, you can easily create your own key and simply read it out loud
  • The spelling of dialog in the title is an acceptable spelling in the US; however, dialogue is the more widely used spelling 

  • Comes with sentence strips that you can easily copy and cut out

  • Does not include the audio recording mentioned in the procedures