Seasons: Shadow Lengths

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Before iPhones and calendars, how did humans determine the seasons of the year? Middle school scientists discover how to use shadows to determine the time of year in an enlightening interactive. Pupils manipulate the sun and examine the shadows produced by two stick figures below, then relate the sun's position to the season.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Head into the parking lot for a weekly shadow study and have the class record their observations in a lab notebook
  • Demonstrate a sundial to show another method of using shadows to tell time
Classroom Considerations

  • The interactive requires a free CK-12 subscription
  • Some prior knowledge of the earth's tilt and path around the sun are helpful for using the resource

  • The Challenge Me tab includes questions to check for understanding
  • Attached video link provides additional information and a view of Earth in its yearly path around the sun

  • None