Self-Assembly: The Power of Organizing the Unorganized

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What if buildings could grow, adapt, and repair themselves like a living organism? Using the process of self-assembly, this crazy idea may one day become a reality. The video looks at how unordered parts interact with one another and create organized structures completely on their own. Though rather abstract, this phenomenon can be seen in the structure of atoms and molecules, the formation of solar systems and galaxies, and in the cellular processes within our own bodies. A supplement for lessons on a variety of topics including chemical bonding, magnetism, gravitational force, engineering design, and cellular biology.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable

  • Provides numerous examples demonstrating the process of self-assembly
  • Draws connections between biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering
  • Allows teacher to customize a lesson to focus on specific learning objectives

  • Academic vocabulary may be challenging for younger high school students
  • Requires background knowledge of general biology and chemistry
  • Video is short, giving only a brief overview of self-assembly 
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