Seven Man-Made Engineering Wonders of the Ancient World

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Imagine precisely cutting and then moving a 120 ton boulder more than two miles without mechanical cutting tolls, skid loaders, or hydraulic cranes. Imagine carving a stone figure that includes a drainage system that permits rainwater to flow through the statue's head to protect the carving from water damage. Imagine designing and building 3,500 steps that extend 100 feet below the surface of the earth with no mechanical equipment. It's amazing to consider the man-made engineering marvels of the Ancient World. Now the question is: how did they do it?

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign groups one of the wonders and have them research what is know about the engineering and construction of the site
Classroom Considerations
  • The infographic introduces these wonders but offers no explanation for how they were crafted
  • The colorful infographic includes details about the location, date, and purpose of the construction as well as information about why it is considered an engineering wonder
  • None