Silent Ball

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Just as you've lined up the class to go to recess, it begins pouring rain and all chaos breaks loose. What do you do? It's time for silent ball! The rules include no talking, and you must catch the ball. If you talk, drop the ball, or throw a bad pass you're out. Silent ball is a great activity to play during indoor recess, indoor PE, or even at home.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Challenge players to only catch with their left or right hand, standing on one leg, 
  • Gator Skin® balls are the best kind of balls to use, but you can also play with other soft balls
  • Have a silent activity prepared for class members that are knocked out of the game
Classroom Considerations

  • Set the rules and firm expectations before playing

  • Provides rules and safety tips to incorporate while playing
  • Simple and fun game to play indoors

  • None