Simulation on The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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How do you solve a conflict that's been around for so many years? Scholars discover the viewpoints of stakeholders in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during an emotionally charged simulation. A facilitator moderates discussions between citizens from both factions while they try to reconcile differences in religion, values, and ideologies.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Choose the outside facilitator role carefully, as this individual will play as big of a part in the simulation as you will!
  • Incorporate current events in Israel into the content to illustrate the ongoing nature of the conflict
Classroom Considerations
  • Participants need plenty of space and time to prepare for the discussion
  • Review the content with administrators so they are aware of what you will discuss in the lesson
  • The roles that students play are well-defined and engaging
  • Content is very relevant to current events
  • None