Singing Fingers HD

For anyone who's ever wished their drawings could sing, the answer has arrived! Simply draw while speaking, singing, or even playing an instrument. With a simple yet engaging premise, this app offers a wide range of possibilities, from young learners needing to practice letter sound correspondence to older children desiring a creative outlet. 

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App Overview

Just right for younger learners, the app screen is uncluttered and has icons instead of words for action buttons. When Singing Fingers first opens, a blank screen appears. To engage in the fun:

  1. Draw with your finger as you say, sing, or in some other way make sound. Note that the app will not draw anything if no sound is being made
  2. Once the creation is complete, either erase and start over by pressing the picture of a blank page, or save the work by clicking the icon of a disk
  3. To see examples of other creations, click on the folder icon; eight sample drawings come with the app and all items saved appear here as well

A simple help section is available by pressing the question mark in the top-left corner. It gives a visual and a of couple words to describe what to do, and also features a YouTube video to provide more creative inspiration.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Learning color names? Have students identify as many colors as they can on their Singing Finger creation.
  • For practicing letter formation, place students at an independent work station where they say the letter of each name over and over as they write the letter
  • Prep a tracing practice ahead of time by singing the alphabet as you write; students can then trace the letters and sing along
Classroom Considerations

  • Have a set of headphones on hand to plug in for playback of sounds
  • Since youngsters will have to speak out loud to make the app work, make sure whoever is using the app is in a place where they won't disturb others or have background noise

  • Learners of any age can participate with little support needed
  • Unique concept pairs motor skills with auditory skills

  • The app does not allow a drawing to be edited once it is created
  • There is no way to control the colors used or to assign certain sounds to a specific color
  • It is not possible to share the creations outside of the app