Situational Irony: The Opposite of What You Think

This Situational Irony: The Opposite of What You Think video also includes:

What does it meant to be ironic? Through a well-thought out series of examples and non-examples, this video seeks to put an end to misconceptions about this word's meaning. Entertaining and memorable, the video leads to a quiz. While some of the assessment questions are rote recall from the video, others work to deepen understanding by asking the viewer to make connections to irony in their personal life. The Dig Deeper section elaborates on the definition of irony through three articles that delve into its uses in everyday language. Click the Flip This Lesson button to add or remove text from the movie header, eliminate sections of the lesson, and add your own discussion prompt, assignment, or other commentary before sharing out the link.

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  • Short, catchy, and to the point
  • Many examples and non-examples help clearly elucidate the meaning

  • The final Think question allows for a yes or no response, so if the answer is no, there is nothing to write about