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First choose three people to be taggers, and two players to be freers. Give each tagger a white foam ball, and give each freer a yellow ball. The rest of the class runs around the playing area. If a runner is tagged with a white ball, then they are frozen into a snowflake and must lay down on the ground in the shape of a star. The freers run around and tag or melt the snowflake with the yellow ball and the game continues.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Ensure taggers and freers know not to throw the balls at the runners, but simply tag them with the ball
  • Make sure players aware of snowflakes laying on the ground and not to trip over or step on them while running
  • Switch out the taggers and freers after each round
Classroom Considerations
  • Intended for the teacher's use, but can be show to class members as well
  • Requires yellow and white foam balls for playing, or you can use any color foam ball
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Promotes physical activity in a fun game form
  • Quick and easy to teach and play
  • Does not require any strategy