So That's the Reason!

Make sure your pupils can hit the target when analyzing cause and effect by practicing with this instructional activity. On each arrow, pupils write a cause of an event in a story, and on each bullseye, they write the effect.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this to analyze the cause and effect or sequence of events in a story that you are reading together, or have kids demonstrate understanding of an independent reading book by filling out the worksheet
  • Brainstorm for a creative writing assignment using this page

  • Provides a couple cause and effect examples using the well-known tale of Pinocchio
  • Could be used with any story or tale

  • Kids are asked to write the effects on top of the images of targets, but this may prove to be a bit awkward; there aren't any lines provided, and learners will have to write over the lines that make up the bullseyes
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