Social Animal

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Similar to the rebirth of knowledge of the Enlightenment and Renaissance periods, David Brooks claims that today, we are developing a revolution in consciousness, exploring the depths of our nature and coming away with a new humanism. Listen as Brooks offers several skills of human capital that we should notice and prize today; from our ability to read the biases and failures in our own minds, to our ability to sympathize and work within groups. Then, ask your learners, "Are we really experiencing a revolution of thought today?"

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Encourages viewers to consider uncommon measures of human capacity
  • Opportunity to flip lesson and add unique assessment questions/additional resources

  • Speaker spends a good amount of time making jokes that aren't very clear and do not contribute to the primary message of the presentation
  • Review video to determine whether material is appropriate for the maturity level of your class members
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