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Solar Energy

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The solar energy industry in the United States added more jobs in 2015 than the oil and gas extraction and pipeline industries combined. With the field growing so rapidly, it's essential to understand what solar energy is and how it works. Through hands-on activity, young scientists look at renewable and nonrenewable types of energy and use a photovoltaic cell to power a simple fan.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss where your class sees solar energy being used in their community
  • Debate if rechargeable batteries are considered renewable or nonrenewable energy
Classroom Considerations
  • Eighth energy lesson out of 10
  • Activity must be completed on a sunny day
  • Uses simple circuitry that is commonly found in classrooms
  • Lesson encourages exploration by changing the angle and location of the cell in order to see if results vary
  • Includes the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy
  • None
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