Solar System

Explore the solar system in detail, from it's origins to its components.  Visual data gathered by actual space missions has been used to create the images and animations on each page of this stellar electronic book about the solar system. Text introduces the reader to the solar system and then examines the objects that are a part of it. This is practically a small textbook, and can be used as such with upper-elementary or middle school astronomers.

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App Overview

Each page contains animations or interactive images and an abundance of informational text with important vocabulary, planetary bodies, or contributing scientists highlighted. Tap on these words to reveal definitions or descriptions, and in some cases, to take you onto other pages in the book that have information corresponding to the highlighted words.

Other Features:

  • An animated home page displaying the planetary bodies
  • Ability to rotate planets, moons, and galaxies in order to view them from different perspectives
  • A Song button takes you to a virtual tour of the solar system set to music
  • For most objects, you can click on a solar system button which will take you to a view of the object's position within the solar system
  • From any page, the Gallery feature takes you to additional images
  • From any page, a Key Facts feature takes you to a simple list of facts related to the topic
  • Just like a book, pages are grouped in a chapter-like fashion with the number of pages represented by dots across the top 
  • Three language choices: English, German, and Chinese
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Curator Rating
  • Adherence to task

    Expansive educational content

  • Worth the money

    Even at the price of $13.99, this is a deal

  • Fun factor

    The many viewpoints from which to explore the solar system keep users engaged

  • Scaffolding of learning


  • User safety

    No third-party ads or sharing capabilities

  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • Have partners become experts on one of the planets and then share with the rest of the class
  • Create comprehension questions for the different features of the solar system that learners can use as they venture through the book
Classroom Considerations

The purchase price reflects the expanse of the information contained. You will not be disappointed!

Because there is such a tremendous amount of information included in this educational resource, your space scientists will not be able to absorb it all in a short length of time. Consider using it as the foundation of a solar system unit.

  • Easy to navigate
  • High-quality images with clear definition 
  • Several language options
  • None