Solution Sets of Two or More Equations (or Inequalities) Joined by “And” or “Or”

English and math have more in common than you think. Make a connection between a compound sentence and a compound inequality with an activity that teaches learners the difference between an "and" and "or" inequality through solutions sets and graphing.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use color to show the overlap of graphs of compound inequalities
  • Have students create their own examples of each type of compound inequality
Classroom Considerations

  • Proficiency with solving equations and single inequalities is needed
  • 16th in a 30-resource series

  • All handouts, keys, and a detailed teacher guide are included
  • All aspects of inequalities are included: graphing, algebraic inequality, and scenario in words
  • Comparisons are made between inequalities and equations

  • None