Solving Systems of Linear Equations Graphing

This Solving Systems of Linear Equations Graphing handout & reference also includes:

Do you need to graph lines to see the point? A thorough lesson plan provides comprehensive instruction focused on solving systems of equations by graphing. Resources include guided practice worksheet, skill practice worksheet, and an informal assessment in the guise of a scavenger hunt.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have your class complete some of the activities before your instruction the next day for a flipped classroom lesson
  • Use the technology integration resources as extension activities or a cross-curricular project
Classroom Considerations

  • Scavenger Hunt assessment requires advance classroom setup and material prep
  • Materials provide review of skills that may not be necessary for some classes

  • Prerequisite skills resources provided
  • Clear teacher directions
  • Provides an answer key for easy assessment

  • Slight mathematical misconception of equal slopes means no solutions