Spanish Alphabet / El Alfabeto Español

Teach your class the whole Spanish alphabet, also knows as the abecedario, with one video. The instructor begins with by paying some special attention to vowels. Then, he pronounces the entire alphabet several times. He demonstrates how to ask how to say, write, or spelling something and provides some explanation around different ways to say certain letters. Throughout the video, the audio is supported with letters and sentences that show up on the screen around the narrator.

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  • Makes a point to comment on additional letters that might be included in the Spanish alphabet and includes a link to a previous video that includes those letters
  • Instructor is relatable and calmly explains all concepts

  • Since the video is on YouTube, you may encounter advertisements
  • At one point, it feels as though he is providing a few too many examples; however this sectiond does offer listening practice and covers special letters and situations