Spanish Commands (the Imperative Mood)

This Spanish Commands (the Imperative Mood) interactive also includes:

It is imperative that your pupils have a strong command of all the Spanish moods, including the one that is the focus of this resource. Learners can read up on formal, informal, affirmative, and negative commands as well as how to use pronouns with commands. Also included here is a summary page, great for reference, a presentation, and link to an online conjugation activity.

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  • Practice with the imperative is provided in the presentation and with the online interactive Practiquemos!
  • Since the presentation is split up by subject (usted, nosotros, etc.), and each section ends with an exercise, the material is easy to break up over the course of a few days
  • Instructional steps are not included, so you will need to determine your own or use this as an at-home resource for students
  • Answers to the practice conjugations in the presentation are not provided