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Spiders in Space

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Does a spider spin its web differently in space? What other ways might microgravity affect an arachnid? Pick a topic to research, plan an investigation, and follow astronauts on the International Space Station as they perform some of the same experiments in the microgravity of space. In addition to meeting several standards, making detailed observations of spiders may help some learners get over any spider phobias they may have. Come to know these mysterious and often misunderstood creatures both on Earth and in space.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
Additional Tags
  • Engaging to work with live animals
  • Observation skills, data collection, and analysis are thoroughly addressed in the lesson
  • Learners get to perform similar experiments to and compare results to astronauts 
  • Can be used with any age group
  • Easily adapts to Common Core standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • To follow along with the astronauts, the experiment will take 45 days
  • Some people may have a fear of spiders